Who are the Clean Jurassic Coast Team?

Read our story below, then come and join us!

Stretching from Orcombe Point in Exmouth to Old Harry Rock near Studland, the 95 mile Jurassic Coast is England's only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enjoyed by tourists, geologists, walkers and water sport lovers, this unique wonder is the only place on the planet where one can find evidence from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of Earth's history.

From the striking red cliffs of the Triassic period, to the chalky white Cretaceous period cliffs, the coastline offers unparalleled views as well as the chance of finding a fossil or two.

Removing rope and nets from rocks.

Credit @_projectplanet_

Clean Jurassic Coast was started to help keep this World Heritage Site free from litter as well as plastic debris washing in from the sea. Our team of volunteers carry out regular clean up operations, removing hundreds of kilograms of plastic waste every week. In 2020, the team removed in excess of 2000kg, mainly in the summer months, but it is ongoing through winter as the storms bring more plastics ashore.

Having recently put in an order for a boat, our clean up operations can now begin in earnest as we access the more secluded areas and remove litter and debris from the area. Every piece of plastic we remove is a potential life saved. Fishing line, netting, microplastics and general litter can injure animals, birds and fish. It can be eaten or cause entanglements and when it is removed from harms way, the wildlife and the area can continue to boast its fabulous biodiversity as these species all get a chance to survive.

By supporting Clean Jurassic Coast CIC, you help to fund our ongoing commitment to keep the Jurassic Coast clean so that the vast array of wildlife get to live in their natural environment, millions of visitors may enjoy it and future generations can marvel at its history for ever more.

We will be educating the public and businesses on the issues with plastic and other litter, as well as helping people to manage their waste in a more environmentally friendly manner. We will keep you updated as to our beach cleaning endeavours as well. 

Tough day! A 100kg haul we cleared from Chapman's Pool.

Credit @_projectplanet_ 

Even tougher day. 220 kg near Seaton. We had to trolley, drag and carry this lot over a mile of shingle beach. The big black floats are over 30kg each and we found four of them. Teamwork is the key.

Credit @louisp_photography


Who is this Clean Jurassic Coast team? 

Every one of you who picks up litter from our Heritage Site is part of an ever-growing community. You're already working to achieve a Clean Jurassic Coast. If you post clean-ups on social media, please use #cleanjurassiccoast to help spread our mission.

Introducing the CJC team...

Roy Beal - "Life is simple, just add water!"

I'm a sea kayaker, walker and lover of the outdoors. I grew up on the River Dart, playing in boats and kayaks as a child. Actually, not sure if I ever really grew up. I moved to a seaside town in 2011 and although I've always loved water, I realised I had finally found 'home', I started sea kayaking in early 2013 and since then, with help from many friends and supporters, I've raised over £15000 for good causes under my Kayaking for Charity banner. I'm known for 'Graceful Landings' when arriving at beaches with the smallest of surf following me. The sea is my playground, Mother Nature is my reason for being and, now in my late 40's, I have at last found where I belong and what I need and want to do.


I've recently started a Countryside Ranger course after spending over 30 years fixing cars for a living. It's time for a change, time to do something for the planet, time to help save it!

A couple of years ago, I had an idea called Just Add Water, Not Plastic, named after my wooden kayak Just Add Water. I was fed up with collecting plastic from every beach I stopped at when I was out on the water. After becoming an Ambassador for the Jurassic Coast Trust late 2019, I changed the name to Clean Jurassic Coast, changed the plan and here we are writing this bio! I have so much to say, but I'll save it for a story. I love to write a good story.

You can find me on Instagram as @cleanjurassiccoast (link at top of page).

If you click HERE you'll find a hidden page of my prose.

My favourite seat in the world. The best coast in the world - the Jurassic Coast (Chesil Cove 2018)

Sometimes, litter picking goes very wrong.

Oly Rush - "The sound of the ocean calms the commotion!"


Hey, my name’s Oly and as you can probably guess I’m a bit of an ocean lover!

From a very early age I trained as a competitive swimmer and from this, my love for water began. Growing up, holidays were always on the coast and many were spent camping in Cornwall. I’d be in the sea all day body-boarding and that led me to a love of surfing.

Nowadays I run a small plastering business which gives me the flexibility I need to be able to go surfing whenever there are waves or, if it’s calm, I do a lot of sea swimming. Fitness has always been a big part of my life and there’s rarely a day that goes by that I’m not doing some form of exercise.

All this time spent on the coast and in the sea has opened my eyes to the enormity of the environmental impact the human race has had on the earth. I decided I needed to do something about this and try to live as sustainably as I can, but felt I wanted to get involved in trying to help clean some of the plastic from the sea as well!

You can find me on Instagram as @_projectplanet_

Always a bit excitable when there's a wave!

Credit @_projectplanet_

Sometimes you just have to adapt and overcome when litter picking

Credit @leecooperphotography

Zoe Hughes - “Just Keep Swimming!”


Hi everyone, another nature enthusiast here, and a sea swimmer!


I have always had a natural draw to the ocean, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to me when I chose to go to a University next to the sea. This resulted in many beach barbecues and sea swimming adventures, without a wetsuit! These experiences, along with my University studies, secured my passion to work in nature conservation.


In my job, I highlight the fascinating connections between the environment millions of years ago and our modern world. I am particularly keen to engage young people with nature, as it is the next generation who will be most impacted by changes in the environment. It can be frustrating to go up against environmental challenges like ocean pollution and climate change, but I have seen some incredible acts of kindness and believe that, together, we can make a difference.


Currently, I am helping out with the 'tech' side of Clean Jurassic Coast, but as this initiative grows, I hope I will meet more enthusiastic people who can help keep our beaches clean!



Anna Taylor - "Get lost in nature and you will find yourself"

Hi. My name is Anna, I'm an outdoor enthusiast and passionate about helping our planet.

When I'm not doing beach cleans you can find me hiking the South West Coast Path or bobbing about in my kayak.


I have always loved being outdoors and with nature. Childhood holidays were spent hiking the lake district but the hills never get any easier!

After spending a long time cleaning beaches on my own, I joined the Clean Jurassic Coast team who share the same morals, values and passions. It really is true, teamwork makes the dream work!

You can find me on Instagram as @annaloistaylor

Reflective thoughts near Winspit Caves

credit @annaloistaylor

Happy times enjoying the surrounding wildlife on the River Frome

credit @annaloistaylor

Louis Pulford - “Just change the packaging” 

I am a lover of nature and the Dorset Coastline. I’ve lived on the coast my whole life and as a child, my dad used to take me sailing regularly. This bred my passion and love for the ocean.

I am also a local photographer which draws me to the coastline regularly, thus being exposed to the litter constantly being left behind and highlighting the plastic epidemic. Finding the like-minded souls of Clean Jurassic Coast has given me the hope and outlook needed to find solutions to the problems.

For me, being active on the coastline and keeping the scenery clean is something of a meditation, a release which leaves me with a humbling feeling when walking away from a cleaner environment.

I am glad I picked up a litter picker and joined the cause, the movement is growing, join us and make a difference today.

You can find me on Instagram as @louisp_photography

Enjoying the views of the coast 

Credit @louisp_photography

Assessing the situation!

credit @cleanjurassiccoast

Lee Cooper -  "Living life on the veg!"


Hi all, my name is Lee - skateboarder, photographer, drone pilot and all-round nature lover!


I run a Dorset based Bamboo Toothbrush company called ‘Bamboozle Toothbrush’ which is another way to help people reduce their single-use plastics at home.


I joined the Clean Jurassic Coast team to help keep our litter riddled corner of home that little bit cleaner and as nature intended. Having lived here for 31 years, the Jurassic coast still has that ability to take you back in time, now that’s worth fighting for! 


You can check out my work here on Instagram - @leecooperphotography

The Happy Place

credit @mattdixonphotography

Nature Therapy

credit @mattdixonphotography

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