I love writing. It's good for the brain and creativity is a wonderful way to relax, especially with all this eco-anxiety and planetary worry. Below are some of my musings. 

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Plastic Poetry


Plastic, plastic everywhere, how much more can I find?
It's in the water, on the beach, plastic of every kind.
It's wrapped around the seaweed and the wildlife too.
It is literally everywhere, what on earth can I do?

Revolution is happening and we can all work as a team.
The goal is a cleaner planet, let's make it more than a dream.
Collectively picking up the pieces, we will turn things around.
We'll get to a point when we can go for a walk, and not have to look at the ground.

Imagine a future of harmony, all of us working as one.
Your planet needs help, there's a lot of work to be done.
We can pull together and fix this place, it won't be hard to do.
Because, as a race, we're pretty smart and we all know what to do.

My Playground   


Written for Time To Inspire, the Jurassic Coast Trust magazine, in Autumn 2019.

Sea kayaking is my hobby. No, it's my passion and it's what keeps me sane in a world full of WiFi signals, Social Media and Reality Television. Oh, and Brexit.

I live in Seaton, a small town with a big heart and a wonderful community. Seaton is the only place on our planet where you can see evidence from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of history in one place. The ONLY place - imagine that. Imagine paddling a kayak along a coastline that has seen deserts and tropical seas. Imagine the creatures that once lived here among the ancient chalk beds that now rise above the sea.

Although Seaton has all this in close proximity, one can also explore a 95 mile route between Exmouth and Studland. That's the Jurassic coast, a visual 185 million year story about the Mesozoic Era of Earth's history. 185 million years! To me, it is mind boggling and awe inspiring. It makes me think just how insignificant the modern world is and, figuratively speaking, how small I am.

With a healthy respect for Mother Nature, I enjoy nothing more than packing my 17 foot long kayak with food, water, my safety kit and camping gear, then heading off for many days at a time. I love paddling along the Jurassic Coast, being as close to nature as I can be. With features such as Stair Hole, Golden Cap, Durdle Door and Old Harry, there are plenty of natural wonders to see and experience. A kayak makes barely any noise and its environmental impact is minimal, especially when you have a wooden one, and it gives a unique perspective that I like to advocate to others and enjoy with my friends. If I'm not on a camping trip, I'm probably escorting sea swimmers instead. Another wonderful way to enjoy what the coast has to offer.

The sea is a dynamic being, resembling a mirror one moment and being angry and aggressive the next. It provides me with entertainment too. I've seen dolphins, seals, and sunfish and have been up close and personal to the various sea birds that fish off the coast. There are shipwrecks to be seen at low tide, along with fossilised remains of fascinating creatures from a past that we can't even begin to truly envisage. I'm still waiting for my first basking shark though.

Sometimes the water is so calm and silky, that one can't help but feel guilty disturbing it. Conversely, I have been in seas so rough that I've been spat out of my kayak, a reminder from Mother Nature that she is in charge. I can access secluded beaches, see hidden coves and I clear up any plastic waste and other litter from the places that are not frequently visited. I hate thinking that future generations will look back and see what a mess we made of the planet. I'm one of many trying to do something about fixing it.

I have camped on beaches with no light pollution at all, looked up at the clearest starry skies and spotted the International Space Station flying overhead. I've seen meteor showers and other wonders from the universe. I've had the moon rise up from the sea and cast its eerie light all around me, making me feel like I'm in a different world. I have witnessed the best sunrises and sunsets one could possibly conceive. I've seen all this with the most beautiful and fascinating backdrop in the world, our Jurassic Coast. The sea will continue to erode it, occasionally revealing more fascinating fossils, but we must take care of it and show future generations this lesson in history. We must ensure that it isn't touched by 'progress' and isn't ruined by littering and plastic waste.

It may be my playground but it is our Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site. That's important, let's keep it that way.

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